Mid-Atlantic Adlerian
Psychology Society


The Mid-Atlantic Adlerian Psychology Society, MAPS, is an organization of mental health professionals, parent educators, and others interested in learning about and promoting Adlerian Psychology.

M A P S     C o f f e e     H o u s e     P r e s e n t a t i o n

March 6, 2016
2 - 4 pm

403 Margo Rd  *  Lanham, MD 20706

Please join us for an afternoon of networking, socializing and learning.

Welcome counselors, therapists, parenting educators, and other interested folks.

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There will be a presentation and experiental exercise 
by Barbara Fairfield,

Drawing Early Recollections

Alfred Adler recognized the significance of early recollections when developing Adlerian Psychology.  Norma Lou McAbee, one of the founding members of MAPS, developed a drawing technique for decoding early recollections. She first presented it in 1980 at ICASSI in Israel. Barbara Fairfield was there for that event and has made use of Norma Lou’s contribution to Adlerian Psychology ever since. Barbara will explain and demonstrate this technique and participants will have a chance to work with each other’s early recollections as well. Barbara will also explain how she makes use of this technique in her group therapy workshops and retreats.